Transport international de marfa


      INTERAX has a own fleet of trucks brands: Volvo, DAF, SCANIA with tarpaulin type Gardena discovered, with shutters, MEGA, FRIGO vans equipped ADR. The semi-trailers are manufactured by companies SCHMITZ and KRONE. Our trucks are present in good working, equipped with webbing anchor the goods, separating freight, elevator, covered with tarpaulin facilitating loading on top and side. All are equipped with GPS navigation systems and satellite monitoring systems to ensure traceability SATELTRACK and Dynafleet transport throughout Europe.

     INTERAX operates only with means of transport provided CMR and we won the trust of our customers through quality services we offer: insurance for the freight transported, the optimal time to arrive at loading / unloading. Through our activities we offer the best transport solutions with its own or rent reflected in the lowest cost. We have the choice of means of transport solutions for both full load and for the occasional, partial or groups:

  • fast transport type parcel: Sprint of 1,5to payload and volume 12 cubic meters;
  • lorries with tarpaulin / vans with 3,5to payload;
  • trucks with tarpaulin / vans of 20to , volume up to 120 cubic meters;
  • confections transport: vans equipped with special hangers;
  • dangerous transport: lorries, trucks and vans specially equipped ADR;
  • transport of voluminous goods: MEGA of 100 cubic metres, truck with trailer of 120 cubic metres;
  • transport of refrigerated goods, temperature controlled